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Bruce Banner X Reader.  {{One-Shot.}}  #Sweetsie#
This again is a request. I love the person who requested it. :)

'Sweetsie!' You called after your dog. He was a Labrador, a black-furred labby, with bright green eyes. You were trying to walk him, you were both in the park. It was the middle of the week, middle of the day. You chose today and now of all times because you knew your dog would over-run everything and take YOU for the Walk. After about half an hour later, you gave up. You sat on a bench, Huffing and Puffing, your dog took a few seconds to realise you had stopped, and he turned round to walk towards you. He sat staring, and you found something in his collar. You picked it up. It was paper. But, it had writing on it. It said, 'Do you need any Help with that?' You looked up and around, to see that Sweetsie had gone off to some man who was stroking him and patting him. Sweetsie was acting fluffy around him, so that meant he was a friendly. You began to walk towards the man. You couldn't see him properly from the distance, but of course, as you got closer, features were starting to appear clearer. He saw you walking up to him, and he smiled at you then looked back at Sweetsie.
'Hi.' You said, a bit shy. 'I'm {Name}, I'm sorry Sweetsie here was annoying you...'
He laughed and looked at Sweets.
'Heh, don't worry. He's a very sweet dog!' He looked back at you. 'My name's Bruce, Bruce Banner.'
You immediately looked in his eyes. Bruce Banner? As in...
He saw your alarm. 'Please, I've . . . Calmed down from that...' He just carried on stroking Sweets.
You looked on how your dog took a shine to him. You started smiling all of a sudden. He sat down on the bench next to him, and he invited you too as well. You did, and realised you were already engaged in conversation. After a while, your phone rung. You looked down to see who it was. It was your annoying sister, Sarah. You decided to ignore it, but then you noticed the time. You'd been talking for an hour and a bit. He noticed too.
'Well, I better be going...' You started, seeing Sweetsie laying on the floor, tired.
'I think... I should buy you coffee.' He said.
You looked at him smiling. 'I'm buying.'
He laughed again. 'You remind me of a guy I know called Steve...'
You both got up and walked down the path of the park, smiling, laughing, and having a good time. Even Sweetsie liked him!
okey late night writing isn't good for me.

Bruce Banner X Reader {One-Shot} by DamselOfDarkness

/ / / / / ©2012-2017 DamselOfDarkness
My mum told me to write this.
I love you :iconloveheartplz:
DullBloodyRose Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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