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X~Loki x Reader~X  x AlOnE x
'WHAT?!' You shouted, waving the platinum sword, clashing against
the energy-filled staff with a Clank.
'Yes,' Loki grinned, eyeing you.
You glanced at him, eyes wide and you proceeded to run at him,
once again clashing the weapons.
'YOU... YOU'RE A SICK MONSTER, YOU KNOW THAT?!' You screamed once
more. Your face was tense, but your eyes were watering. It made
you look like you were crying. Losing your guard, Loki ran at you,
aiming his staff at you, hitting you and causing you to fly back.
You eventually hit the floor, and you looked up. You had tears
coming down your cheeks. Bruises and Scratches all over your face.
But most of all, from your eyes, you could see your broken heart.
He walked, slowly, grinning at you. Whilst you were in the corner,
he crouched in front of you. You looked at him, eyes soaking. He
just laughed lightly, and then his smile dropped. You thought, that's
how fast your heart broke. Putting the weapon down, you also took your
helmet off, so that the only amour you carried was the vest, and arm
bands. You looked down, because he was trying to line your eyes with his.
While you were looking down, more tears started to fall. He saw this,
and slowly put his arms around you. You were pulled off the wall in
that act, and your eyes widened again. He hugged you, and pulled you
closer. Your eyes shut, as you sat, bruised, in his arms. Some of the
blood from the battle had trickled down your face to your cheek or lips
by now, and he parted from the hug and examined your face. He leaned
closer to you, and licked the blood off of your face. He insisted on
kissing you aswell, in which you had to put your arms around him for.
'I-I... I don't know what I... Did..' He whispered. At this point, you
were both crying on each others shoulders.
'I'm so sorry.' He whispered again, kissing you softly on the cheek.
You were instantly reminded of the days you two used to have together
and you hugged him tight. He was surprised, but went along with it anyway.
He hugged you tight, and then got up and picked you up too. He put his
helmet down and the staff. He walked off, into the distance, with you in
his arms.
Thor walked through the ground. It had been 4 years since that fight,
and both of you were already happy, away from the others. Thor smiled
the thought of this is where it all began, and carried on walking. As
he walked, he found he kicked something. Almost, metalic. He looked
down, to see your helmet, and Loki's helmet, both next to each other
in a perfect heart shape. Thor smiled again.

Loki X Reader. x AlOnE x by DamselOfDarkness

/ / / / / ©2012-2017 DamselOfDarkness
I was bored, and I've had a recent Obsession for Loki~<3
HE'S BRITISH~ just like me.
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KenzyLe Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012
that was a cute story! :heart:
DamselOfDarkness Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Student General Artist
Aww, Thanks~ :iconloveheartplz:
sean1kid Featured By Owner May 26, 2012  Student General Artist
I love this!
DamselOfDarkness Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Student General Artist
sean1kid Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Student General Artist
you're welcome ^_^
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